Bouncing Spoon Sex Position Illustration

The Bouncing Spoon sex position is a sort of pseudo-spooning position for you and your man. It’s a fairly simple position to do which makes it great for spicing things up in the bedroom. Try a new position in our ultimate sex positions guide whenever you want to revitalize your sex life.

To perform it, your man needs to sit upright in bed with his back to the wall and his legs together and relatively straight (they don’t have to be perfectly straight). You then need to stand right over him with your back to him. Your feet should be on either side of this thighs. You then need to get down on your knees from this position and sit back onto your man’s crotch and guide his penis inside you. You can then lean backward so that your back is on your man’s chest.

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What The Girl Does In The Bouncing Spoon Position

There are a few different things that you can do in the Bouncing Spoon position. You can bounce up and down on your man’s crotch; although, you will find that this gets quickly tiring. Or you might find it more fun to grind on him by rotating and gyrating your hips. You can lean forward and rest your hands on his legs or the bed to help you to thrust onto him or grind on him.

If you are familiar with the Betty Rocker position, then you can try slowly leaning forward and then bouncing up and down.

Just make sure not to lean forward too quickly, as you will be straining your man’s shaft, which can hurt him! Go slow. Check out our guide to slow sex for more ideas.

Feel free to masturbate yourself if you’d like.

What The Guy Does In The Bouncing Spoon Position

Your man will be leaning his back up against the headboard or a wall, but if he is not that flexible, he can try propping himself up with pillows instead so that he is not so upright. It will be quite tough for him to actually do much thrusting as he will be seated.

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But what he can do is use his hands! So at the very least he should wrap them around you and massage your breasts, but he can also use them to rub your genitals and masturbate you or even finger you if you are having anal sex. If you are leaning forwards, then he can put his hands around your waist or shoulders and pull you down onto him with each thrust. Or he can just pull down to make for more stimulating grinding.

Things To Consider When Performing The Bouncing Spoon Position

I have discussed the Bouncing Spoon position with a few students who gave me some interesting feedback on what they do with it:

  • If you are looking for something intimate, especially while watching a movie/TV in bed, then this is a great position, especially when you lean right back into your man and he wraps his arms around you
  • The Bouncing Spoon sex position is great to transition to from something like Reverse Cowgirl as all your man has to do is sit up.
  • As with a lot of positions I teach, you need to lean forward/backward to find that ‘perfect place’ that gives you maximum pleasure.

Similar Positions


Spooning Sex Position Illustration 1 1 1

It takes less effort when you’re on your sides.

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Exposed Eagle Sex Position

Try stretching backward when you’re facing him.


Teaspooning sex position

You spoon while you kneel.

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Sporking Sex Position Illustration 2

A Spooning position with bent knees.

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Sean’s Thoughts On The Bouncing Spoon Sex Position

I personally find the Bouncing Spoon to be a great position to change to after I have been doing a lot of the work in another position as it gives me a rest.

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