Shower sex should be on everyone?s fantasy list, especially when you can use これらの種類のシャワーセックス体位. The running water is erotic, and the intimacy level is through the roof as you look at, touch and wash each other?s bodies in the hot, steamy confined space. But shower sex can present some issues that I want to talk about first, before I show you?

どれの シャワーセックス体位 最も楽しく満足のいくものです。

ク警告: ながら this woman’s story & subsequent BJ tutorial video 非常に苦痛です、それはあなたの男を喜んで悲鳴を上げさせ、あなたに性的に中毒になる方法をあなたに教えます。あなたがあなたの男をあなたに完全に夢中にさせることに興味があるならそして あなただけ、次にチェックアウト 彼女の物語&(明示的な!) ブロージョブチュートリアル動画はこちらから.


Before you actually learn how to have shower sex, you should be aware of a couple of tips to help you make the experience pleasurable. Many people don?t prepare correctly the first time, have a bad experience and then call it quits. This does not have to happen.

  • Before you get in, remove your makeup so you?ll 見栄え in the shower. You?ll look like a crazed zombie with your mascara running down your face if you don?t. And expect this to happen, even if you have waterproof makeup on.
  • Soaping up each other genitals is fun, sexy and recommended, but you need to rinse the soap off before he enters you. Sex and lathery soap don?t mix; in fact, it can even lead to a bacterial vaginal infection. Youch! We got some more info on 膣感染症 この投稿で。
  • Take turns under the running water. Unless you have two shower heads, only one person will be under the running water at a time. It?s only fair and shows consideration to take turns standing in the prime spot. It?s no fun to be cold and wet, which is what happens if one person is never under the water, and that is certainly not conducive to feeling sexy.
  • Do you know what?s particularly sexy about showers? There?s probably a mirror nearby. Use it to お互いに触れ合うのを見てください。 シャワーの壁に取り付ける吸盤ミラーを購入することもできます。
  • Don?t expect shower sex to last forever. It can be quite a workout for you to stand up and for your partner to thrust during shower sex in such a confined space. Showers are perfect for 急ごしらえ または、バスルーム、寝室、または家の他の部屋で作業を終える前に、物事を進めるためだけに。
  • シャワーでは、アナルセックスとオーラルセックスの方が膣セックスよりもうまく機能します。前者は両方とも同じ向きになることができるため、後者はどちらかがひざまずくことができるためです。



Think your bathroom isn?t sexy? Think again! You can light candles ? scented is a bonus ? and put them on the rim of the tub or counters. While open flames can present a risk of fire, you can use LED candles instead. Incense is another option to consider.

音楽を再生します。私たちをチェックしてください 究極のセクシーな曲のプレイリスト インスピレーションを得るために。一部の電話やBluetoothスピーカーは防水仕様であるため、自分や男性と一緒に浴槽やシャワーに持ち込むことができます。それ以外の場合は、デバイスをカウンターに置いたままにします。

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Although you might think that water is a lubricant because it makes you wet, it doesn?t make you the right kind of wet for shower sex; it only washes away your natural lubricant [12].


You need to use lube, and it needs to be silicone based. Water-based lubricant just washes off from the running water, but silicone-based lubes don?t dissolve in water [34]そして長持ちします。これがシリコーン潤滑剤が素晴らしい理由の1つです 肛門性.


If you aren?t lubricated enough, shower sex will not be much fun, and you don?t want that to happen.

Psst、正しい潤滑油は誰にとっても重要です 性水.



The most important part of learning how to have sex in the shower is learning how to stay safe. It?s essential that you take measures to prevent slipping, especially with 立ちセックス体位. A shower mat or bath mat is the best idea, but a towel works, too. Also, avoid changing positions too much. It?s best to pick one (which we will discuss next) and stick with it to lessen the chances of slipping and falling.


まここでは、その場にとりたいクイズ以下の方法を学ぶいいえ口頭性を満たすお。 きを発見するsuck(punの意)とすでにブロージョブネットワークをつくっています。






Many women use shower footrests to shave their legs, but you can also use one for a certain activity that is more fun. You can use the footrests to maneuver yourself to a better sex position. Again, make sure the footrest can support your weight and your partner?s weight.


あなたがあなたのシャワーにシャワーシートを持っているならば、あなたはある種のためにそれを使うことができます 疑似蓮華座 by sitting on your guy?s lap. If there is no shower seat in your shower, you can get a shower chair. You also might want to try standing on the chair. This is especially nice if you are significantly shorter than your guy. Just make sure that you are holding onto something while standing.


Don?t lean on a faucet or other parts of the shower, which isn?t designed to support your weight. You don?t want to be just another injury statistic after failed shower sex! Your local hardware store might even have suction cup handles for use in the shower if you don?t want to buy from a sex toy store.


Non-slip shower and bath mats give your feet something to grip when you?re in the shower [56]。同じ目標を達成するために、通常は恒久的に、ステッカーを浴槽の床に貼り付けます。

Don?t Use Soap As Lube

多くの若い男性が彼らの初期のマスターベーション経験の間に見つけるように、それがあなたの尿道に入るならば、それは燃えることができます。石鹸はあなたの膣のpHバランスを狂わせる可能性があります[7]、および脱臭石鹸は細菌感染に寄与する可能性があります[8] (として知られている 細菌vaginosis [91011])またはイースト菌感染症[1213].

関連: イースト菌感染症の原因、症状、治療

You definitely don?t want to deal with that just because you weren?t prepared. Keep a bottle of silicone lube in the shower if you?re not sure when the mood will strike.

Should you hurt yourself or develop an infection from having sex in the shower, please do not hesitate to get medical help even if that means calling 911 and having them see you or your partner naked in the tub. They?ve seen worse, and they?re there to help. If it?s an emergency, waiting or trying to get dressed could have drastic effects!



Just because you?re in the shower doesn?t mean you can forget about safer sex. Hormonal birth control can prevent pregnancy [141516], but if you?re not on birth control or are also concerned about STI transmission, then condoms are also a must.

You can use condoms in the shower, but you have to be smart about it. Per usual, condoms should go on when your man is semi-erect, and you?ll want to put it on outside of the shower to make sure no water or air gets into the condom (squeeze the tip when putting it on [171819])。そうしないと、使用中にコンドームが外れたり壊れたりする可能性があります。



Obviously, there?s a learning curve if you want to know how to have sex in the shower and use a condom. If this is your only way of protecting yourself during sex, then doing it in the shower might not be the best option for you.

You may be able to use a dental dam, a plastic-like device that your partner holds against your body when performing oral sex, but that?s also difficult when you?re in the shower.


Don?t forget about oral sex. Men love it, and they love it in the shower, too. While he?s standing in the shower, get down on your knees. Have his back face the shower head to prevent the water from running down your face. You can wait until after he?s cleaned, but make sure you?ve rinsed off all the soap.

Remember to use the bath mat or towel, so you don?t slip. The water is your friend when giving a blow job in the shower. It helps keep things slick. Give him the same blow job you normally do. You can use the hand and mouth technique, pretend his penis is an ice cream cone that you love to swirl your tongue around or do whatever you know he likes. We?ve got an entire list of フェラテクニック ここ。あなたが何をするにしても、それはシャワーで楽しくて違うでしょう。


When you and your honey are naked in the shower together and are washing each other with a loofah or a washcloth, you are bonding and reaching a new level of intimacy. You don?t necessarily need to have sex in the shower, just like how 抱きしめることは親密になることができます even when you?re dressed. Just being together and showering off after a long day might be pleasurable enough. And all that washing and caressing each other in the shower could lead to fantastic sex when you get out of the shower.


However, it?s completely okay if you prefer to 実際に clean yourself once the sexy activities have finished. While having sex in a shower can be fun, it doesn?t usually result in a squeaky clean body or hair or freshly-shaved legs.


あなたはおそらくオルガスムがいかに ハンドヘルドシャワーヘッドは、マスターベーション中にすることができますだから、セックス中に余分な刺激のためにそれを使ってみませんか?

セックス中 ? Your man can take you from behind in a ボディーガードのような位置 外陰部にシャワーヘッドを使用している間。

ショーをする ? Alternatively, you can put on a show for your man by masturbating with the shower head while he watches.

Be warned that there?s a small risk of air being forced into your vagina via the spray, which can potentially cause an embolism [21]。ボディ外装部分のみを対象としています。


When you want to know how to have shower sex, you?ll want to know which positions work best. Wonder no longer ? here they are:



Standing doggy style is a good position for shower sex. This shower sex position works best when you?re of a similar height, or even when your man is a little shorter than you are. It doesn?t matter whose back is to the shower head.

You can help him out by going up on your tip toes and wrapping one leg around his waist/back. He places one or both hands under your thigh to help support it. You can even wrap your legs around his hips if you?re flexible enough. The key to this shower sex position is that he pushes your body against the wall to brace himself.

But not everyone will be able to make this position for sex in the shower work, and that?s okay. It?s also great for manual stimulation. You can give him a slippery hand job, and he can return the favor by rubbing your clit or fingering you.


If you have trouble making the previous shower sex position work, try this one. If you?re a squirter (潮吹きについてのより多くの情報を得る), you needn?t worry about the mess before you?re already in the shower and ready to clean up!

Have your guy stand with his back facing the shower head. This way the water doesn?t spray on your faces. It?s easier because you can lean against the wall while your man penetrates you from behind. Of course, if you have a shower/bath setup, you just need to bend over and hold onto the tub.



あなたの利点にそのシャワーチェアを使用してください(このシャワーセックスの体位はまたのために変更することができます 浴槽でのセックス or pools with steps or ledges). Shower sex positions like this one are a bit less dangerous because you?re closer to the ground, and there are four legs supporting you. Your man can sit, and you can straddle him like a lap dance. Alternatively, you can straddle the chair backward, and he can kneel to penetrate you anally. Check out our 座っているセックス体位リスト あなたがセクシーなシャワー時間に適応できるものを見つけるために。


Sitting down in the tub might be the position you prefer. You can choose whether to leave the shower on or not. You?ll slide in facing one way, and your man will face you. You?ll both bend your knees to keep your feet tucked around the other person, similar to ロータスのセックス体位。貫通できるようになるまで近づきます。浴槽が水でいっぱいの場合は、水しぶきを避けるためにゆっくりと取ってください。万が一に備えて、浴槽の周りに予備のタオルを数枚置いてください。

This position might not work if either of you is bigger or if you have a narrow tub. You can sit in the tub and lean back ? a bathtub pillow helps support your neck ? while he sits outside the tub and rubs your clit, kisses you sensually or even shampoos your hair. Check out our advice on バスタブセックスをもっと熱くする方法.


Doggy style is great for shower sex for a variety of reasons. It?s easier if there?s a height difference. Women love it for G-spot stimulation, and your man can pull your hair if you like 荒れ性!膣やアナルセックスに試してみてください。二人ともクリトリスを刺激することができ、お気に入りの防水おもちゃをシャワーに持ち込むこともできます。



While the Bulldog sex position isn?t intended for shower sex, it can work. It?s a variant of doggy style that works for vaginal or anal sex, and you?ll both have more stability because you?re lower to the ground. You don?t need to worry about getting a face full of bathwater, either, because you?ll support yourself with your arms. Get more ブルドッグの位置に関するヒント.



あなたのシャワーがそれを可能にするならば、 Teaspooning 信じられないほど親密な立場になることができます。彼はあなたの後ろにひざまずいて侵入するので、あなたの男はあなたの耳にささやくことができます。あなたのどちらかがあなたの胸を泡立てることができますまたは あなたのクリトリスをこすります。特にオルガスムのときは、体重を支えるために床に向かって前傾することができます。


の 咲く蘭のセックス体位 ひざまずきながら顔を合わせる以外は似ています。


シャワーは口頭で与えるのに最適です。あなたがする必要があるのはあなたの男の前であなたの膝に落ちることです。彼のボールをマッサージするためにあなたの手を使用するか、 彼の前立腺を刺激する. The shower floor can be hard, even if you have a mat, so fold up a towel and place it under your knees. Not only does this make things softer, but it helps to prevent you from slipping when you?re really going at it. Check out other blow job positions in このポスト.


The final position in this list isn?t exactly a shower sex position, but it?s one you should try if you can?t wait to get down and dirty before you hop in the shower to clean up! Burning Man position is typically performed standing up, but you can kneel and lean over the edge of the tub as your man kneels and enters you from behind. Because you?re not wet yet, there?s more traction, which is great if you like it rough!


チェックす セックス体位の究極のリスト.


Don?t forget about your favorite toy when you?re having sex in the shower. First things first: すべてのおもちゃがシャワーセーフであるとは限りません。

Any dildo, plug, or other toy without a motor should be safe to use in the shower. However, your toy might not be safe if it has a motor, i.e., its a vibrator. Some toys are marked as ?splashproof? or ?Water-resistant,?  which generally means they?re good in the shower as long as you don?t submerge them. Toys that are described as waterproof are safe in the shower and underwater in the tub [22].

言うまでもなく、プラグを差し込むおもちゃは ない シャワーで安全に使用できます。

A word on toy materials: we advise silicone-based lube in the shower so it?ll be slick and comfortable. However, silicone lube can be so slick that you might drop a toy, so you may want to reconsider using a glass or ceramic toy if your shower is tiled. One fall could cause it to break. Secondly, silicone lube may not be compatible with all silicone toys. Do a spot test on the base of the toy by applying a dab of lube and rubbing vigorously for five to ten minutes. If the toy becomes tacky or sticky, you?ll want to avoid silicone lube with it.


Many women enjoy masturbating with the shower head or faucet, so why not incorporate this when you?re having sex in the shower? A detachable shower head works best for this as it can be aimed directly at your clitoris. Fortunately, you can buy one and install it without needing specific tools or experience to upgrade your shower sex routine.


Don?t be put out if you have only a walk-in shower or a smaller tub. You can save shower sex positions for other locales such as a hotel room or when you?re house sitting someone else?s place with a larger shower. Just beware of doing it in communal showers. This isn?t very considerate and you could be unintentionally spreading an infection either you or your partner may unknowingly have [23].

Once you get shower sex right, it gives you and your honey another option besides bedroom sex. The stimulation of the hot water on your bodies as you?re having sex adds a whole new sensation to the experience. So, if you want to spice things up a bit, you now know what to do and how to do it.


セックス&プレジャーブック 大人のおもちゃ店でGoodVibrationsには、シャワーでのセックスに関するセクション全体と、その他の素晴らしいセックスアドバイスがあります。



FAQ #1 ?  Is it okay if I don?t like shower sex?

Absolutely. While everyone should try it out to see if they like it, a lot of people simply don?t. In fact, people seem to be pretty split. If you take a look at the various Reddit threads about sex in the shower, you?ll find plenty of opinions such as one woman シャワーセックスへの信仰が新たになった or how ?[s]hower sex isn?t great for penetration, but it?s bloody awesome for everything else.?

However, for every positive response to shower sex, you?ll find people who have fallen, hurt themselves, were accidentally anally penetrated, could never get lined up properly, have issues getting or staying hard, or find themselves choking on or freezing in water.

FAQ #2 ? What makes shower sex possible?

シャワーセックスを容易にする3つのことがあります: 適切なシャワー、潤滑油、および互換性のある高さ。

If there?s too much height difference between you and your man, any standing position becomes difficult or impossible, including those positions in the shower. And without a tub, you cannot try the kneeling or sitting sex positions.


Finally, don?t forget about the lube. While you might think that the shower would help you become and remain lubricated, the 水は実際にあなたの天然潤滑剤を洗い流します。これは、痛みを伴う不快なセックスにつながる可能性があります。代わりに、 シリコーンベースの潤滑剤、滑らかで官能的な経験のために水に耐えます。

これでより多くの情報を得る 潤滑油についての投稿.

FAQ #3 ? Is there a way to work around the height difference?


FAQ #4 ? Does sex in the shower prevent pregnancy?

Any time a male partner ejaculates inside your vagina, there?s a risk of pregnancy. Some semen will leak out if you?re standing up, but birth control or a condom is necessary if you want to prevent pregnancy.

FAQ #5 ? Is sex in the shower dangerous?

It can be. There?s a huge risk of someone slipping. If one of you slips, the other will likely go down to. You can hit your head or another body part as you land, not to mention the fact that one partner may fall on the other.

Some people use faucets or other fixtures (soap trays, etc.) to support themselves. These are generally not designed to support your full body weight and could potentially break off, leading you to fall and damage your shower in the process. You definitely don?t want to hold on to the shower rod, which usually just rests in brackets or is secured via tension to the shower.


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  • A man who can’t keep his hands off you.
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