Acomoclitic is a term for a person who prefers bare or hairless genitals. Acomoclitics may look for hairless genitals in a partner, remove the hair from their own genitals, or both.

More About Acomoclitic

Acomoclitics may spend an excessive amount of time thinking about hairless genitals and have recurring fantasies surrounding this part of the anatomy. They may also exclusively choose partners who remove their genital hair. Acomoclitics typically enjoy both the look and feel of hairless genitals. Many acomoclitics also feel that hairless genitals are more hygienic.

Acomoclitics may remove their pubic hair using razors, hot waxes, or sugaring methods. Some acomoclitic couples find hair removal arousing and make this part of their foreplay.

While hairless genitals are often associated with prepubescent individuals, most acomoclitics insist they do not have a preference for very young partners. Instead, many feel that adults who remove their public hair appear more confident after taking control of their own bodies.

Acomocliticism may be simply defined as a preference like that for curvy women or tattooed men. In other cases, it is a clear fetish. Acomocliticism does not generally require treatment unless it begins to interfere with an individual’s day-to-day life. Psychoanalysis, hypnosis, and behavioral and cognitive therapies are some methods for effectively treating acomocliticism.

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