Agoraphilia is a fetish for having sex in public places. The term is a combination of the Greek words agora, meaning public place or assembly, and philia, meaning love or attraction.

More About Agoraphilia

Agoraphiles may enjoy having sex in national parks, on beaches, and in other public places. In some cases, agoraphiles may become aroused just from being outdoors. Due to indecency laws, it is illegal in most parts of the world to practice agoraphilia.

As agoraphilia involves arousal due to sexual interaction in public places, it is closely related to exhibitionism. However, the two terms shouldn’t be confused. While both fetishes involve sexual pleasure in public spaces, exhibitionists become excited by the idea of being seen by others, or by the thrill of being caught. Exhibitionism may be an arousing factor for some, but not all, agoraphiles.

Agoraphiles usually find healthy ways to satisfy their sexual urges. However, treatment may be sought if they spend an abnormal amount of time thinking about sex in public places, or these urges make it difficult to live a normal life. Treatment may involve cognitive or behavioral therapy, psychoanalysis, hypnosis, or drug therapy.

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