Backdoor man is a gay slang term that refers to a man who inserts his penis or another object, such as a sex toy, into the anus of another man.

More About Backdoor Man

A backdoor man gives, rather than receives, anal sex. Backdoor men get pleasure from penetrating the anuses of their partners. They also receive pleasure from watching the pleasure their partners receive from them. For this reason, many backdoor men focus on their partners’ pleasure rather than their own.

Taking time for foreplay to help the bottom partner relax is crucial for a satisfying sexual experience. Kissing, caressing, rimming, and digital penetration may all be a part of foreplay. Listening to the bottom’s body language and verbal cues is also essential during foreplay and anal sex.

As a general rule, backdoor men tend to be more dominant in bed than men who receive anal sex. However, this does not mean that they are more masculine.

Some believe backdoor men have a deep instinctual urge to penetrate, rather than be penetrated, as many exclusively give, rather than receive, anal sex. However, some backdoor men are also willing to be penetrated. These men are known as “versatile.”

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