When referring to a person, a chaser is someone who chases or pursues someone else in a romantic or sexual way. Typically another word precedes chaser to show what the person is chasing. However, chaser can also be a standalone term. It often refers to someone who purses transgender people. It is an adaptation of the now-offensive term tranny chaser. Chaser can also be a shortened form of chubby chaser. This term refers to someone who pursues overweight people.

More About Chaser

Chasers often only date or have sex with people who share a certain quality. They may feel so strongly attracted to this quality that they start to fetishize it. Chasers may start seeing only the desired quality, without appreciating anything else about their partners. This can be disappointing and dehumanizing. However, dating a chaser can also be a real ego boost. That’s because chasers are often attracted to characteristics others don’t appreciate.

Being attracted to qualities others don’t find attractive may be part of the appeal of being a chaser. Their lifestyle or sexual interests are taboo, which can make them more exciting.

There are many different types of chasers. Chubby chaser is a common term, referring to a person who pursues overweight partners. Bug chasers are people who pursue HIV+ people in hopes of contracting the disease.

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