Demimonde refers to a group of people,
or commune, dedicated to the pursuit of all things pleasurable. It is
defined by its hedonism and anarchy. Members of a demimonde engage in
excessive drinking, drug use, and sex. Its battle cry
might as well be “No Tomorrow!” Although, of course, the term
came about in 1855, taking from the Alexandre Dumas comedy Le
Demi-Monde. It became obsolete with the advent of looser social norms
and women’s suffrage.

More About Demimonde

Today, an artists’ commune is what
comes close to a demimonde. Artists, in general, try not to be bound
by the prevailing social standards. Creativity and freedom come
foremost – and not just with their art. These values can seep into
their personal lives; hence, the likening to a modern-day demimonde.

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