Male dominance is a BDSM relationship or scene in which a male-identifying partner is the one in the Dominant position. Sometimes shortened the maledom, the Dominant male can use both physical and psychological techniques to assert control and power over their submissive, within the agreed-upon boundaries of their relationship. This type of power dynamics exchange is negotiated between the Dominant and submissive, and is consensual and revocable.

Male dominance can occur in any relationship structure where there is at least one male-identifying partner, and it is not limited by sexuality. Male dominants are often referred to as dom, master, owner, boss or top. In male dominance scenes, the Dom is the partner who dictates and guides the different types of fully consensual play. Male dominance can be used in any kind of BDSM scene, including:

  • Bondage.
  • Impact play.
  • Age play.
  • Collaring.
  • Humiliation.
  • Punishment.
  • Edging.
  • Orgasm torture and denial.
  • Training.
  • Watersports.
  • Role play.

These scenes can involve purely physical acts that the maledom performs on the submissive — or directs the submissive to perform — or they can involve psychological direction and manipulation. Some male dominants incorporate both aspects to create a well-rounded scene. As with other aspects of BDSM, male dominance scenes may or may not involve sexual touch or intercourse. For many in dominance scenes, gratification comes from the different BDSM acts performed.

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