A nylon fetish is a sexual interest centered around wearing — or seeing others wear — nylons or pantyhose. People with a nylon fetish are sometimes called nylon fetishists.

Some activities commonly enjoyed by nylon fetishists include:

  • Wearing pantyhose during sexual activity.
  • Having their partner wear pantyhose during masturbation or sex.
  • Watching or engaging in BDSM scenes of humiliation where a male submissive must wear pantyhose or a submissive is gagged by pantyhose.
  • Looking at people wearing pantyhose, either in person or in photographs or videos.
  • Becoming aroused by the sight and sound of pantyhose ripping or tearing.
  • Smelling nylons someone has worn.
  • Ejaculating on nylons or watching others wearing nylons being ejaculated on.

People with a nylon fetish usually have a preference of nylon type. Some such preferences are:

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