The P-spot is the male counterpart to the female G-spot. The P-spot gets its name from the prostate, which is a muscular gland that surrounds the neck of the bladder. Stimulating the P-spot can elicit intense orgasms and is best accomplished by inserting a finger or vibrator into the anus and pushing gently toward the front of the body.

More About P-spot

You hear about women and their infamous “G-spot,” the little pleasure spot is supposed to intensify a woman’s sexual pleasure and orgasms, all the time. What is rarely talked about, though, is a man and his “P-spot.” Men have the same pleasure point women do; it’s just less acknowledged or talked about. With some men, it’s almost a taboo subject. Fingers work wonders to stimulate the P-spot as do vibrators. To stimulate a partner’s P-spot, gently, start by stimulating his penis, then slowly move your fingers or a vibrator under his balls. Eventually, vibrate between his butt cheeks, against his anus, and into his well-lubricated anus. The P-spot is located roughly two inches into his rectum on the front wall. This walnut sized gland is often easily felt by anyone adventurous enough.

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