Service kink a type of role in the BDSM community in which a dominant partner, or top, takes on the role of fulfilling the submissive, or bottom, partner’s desires. In essence, the top is sexually servicing the bottom.

More About Service Kink

The role of the service top is controversial in BDSM. Some practitioners will say that service topping is not “real” topping. Those who like service topping say they enjoy the activity. In the typical service topping situation, a bottom asks a top what they want and performs these acts.

While some people might interpret this as “topping from the bottom,” and not real submission, some bottoms don’t necessarily want to submit emotionally. They simply want to receive sensations they like. Service tops enjoy providing needed relief to bottoms in those situations.

While in a scene, it’s always the responsibility of the top to monitor the bottom’s condition, whether or not there is a dominant/submissive relationship going on as well. The same safety rules apply to any scene, whether it’s a typical Dom/sub relation or in a servicing situation.

Professional doms are the perfect example of service tops. They are paid to provide a topping service to clients.

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