A sex stool is a type of sex furniture that is essentially a low stool with two straps that are spaced apart where the seat should be. This type of furniture allows couples to get into different positions more comfortably, whether they’re engaging in oral, vaginal or anal sex.

Sex stools are often made from strong materials, such as wood or metal, and are typically strong enough to support a person up to a certain weight, often 300 pounds. For safety reasons, a sex stool should never be pushed beyond its weight limit, as this can cause severe injuries for both partners.

More About Sex Stool

A sex stool is a very versatile piece of sex furniture and it can be used in a variety of different ways. One of the most popular ways that a sex stool can be used is in woman-on-top positions, such as the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. Placing the stool over a man’s pelvis allows a woman to sit on the stool and participate in vaginal or anal sex. The stool takes some of the strain off of the woman’s knees, and some of the weight off of the man, making these positions more comfortable for both partners.

A sex stool can also be used for basic oral sex, analingus and while in the 69 position. To do this, a man or woman can sit on the stool and his or her partner can perform oral sex or analingus from beneath the stool.

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