Sexting is the the act of sending sexually explicit messages or images via cellphone or text message. It is much like phone sex except that rather than speak over the phone, partners communicate via text and images.

Sexting is common among teenagers and young adults, as this age group is most adept at communicating via text message.

The term combines the words “sex” and “texting” and is less commonly called sex texting.

Sexting can occur between individuals of any gender or sexual orientation and can be used as a precursor to in-person sexual activity.


More About Sexting

The practice of sexting is fairly common among teenagers and young adults. While sexting is most often done between people in romantic relationships, it can also occur between strangers or acquaintances. The images or videos can be sent as a flirtatious advance or simply to share an intimate moment with a stranger.

Sexting is a common and simple way for couples to communicate when they’re apart. However, there are risks to sexting especially if it involves explicit photographs or video. These may be forwarded and viewed by others beyond the intended recipient. In particular, sexting was raised as a concern among teenagers because of the risk that images will be shared and distributed, and because the distribution of explicit images of under-age children is a felony offense.

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