Tentacle fetish is a sexual interest in tentacles and the (real or imagined) creatures that have them. People with a tentacle fetish tend to fantasize about tentacles or consume literature, images, or videos that depict tentacle sex. These types of media are known collectively as tentacle porn.

More About Tentacle Fetish

People with a tentacle fetish may be aroused by the idea of consensual sexual encounters with tentacled beings, such as an octopus. They may also be aroused by the thought of non-consensual encounters, otherwise known as tentacle rape.

A certain kind of Japanese cartoon or illustration, known as hentai, is made specifically to appeal to people with a tentacle fetish. These cartoons are the modern version of traditional Japanese stories and art focused on tentacle sex or tentacle rape. In these works, tentacle rape acts are often committed by a tentacled monster, animal, or plant.

Some people with a tentacle fetish are attracted to the thought of being penetrated by something that is more animal than human, a being that may lack skills in language and social mores, for example. For others, the fact that creatures such as octopuses have multiple tentacles is appealing. These people may have a desire to be double or triple penetrated, perhaps while being held down or restrained by the tentacles. They may find their tentacle fetish to be a manifestation of their naturally submissive side.

While tentacle porn is a good outlet for many people with a tentacle fetish, some sex toys may also help satisfy their desires.

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