The curled angel is a simple rear entry sex position that is similar to the spoon position. To get into this position, the partners lie on their sides, with the receiver’s back facing their partner’s chest. They then curls their legs and bring their knees up towards the chest, allowing their partner to penetrate from behind. This position may also be called Anjou style.

diagram of the curled angel sex position - the receiver lies curled on their side and is penetrated from behind by their partner, laying beside them.

More About The Curled Angel Position

Like many rear entry sex positions, the curled angel is an excellent position for stimulating a person’s G-spot, which can lead to explosive orgasms. This position also makes it very easyto stimulate the clitoris, wither with a hand or a vibrator. Pregnant people may also find this position to be much more comfortable because it provides support for a growing belly. This position can also be used for anal sex.

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