Vaginal stretching is a widening and lengthening of the vagina. Vaginal stretching may occur naturally during pregnancy, childbirth and the aging process. It can be an intentional technique used to reduce vaginal tightness, which can prevent people from enjoying penetrative sex. Vaginal stretching may also help people have an easier childbirth. In the realm of kink and BDSM, people may try vaginal stretching to train their bodies for sexual experiences like fisting. Vaginal stretching or stretching to create gaping is also a kink for some people.

People might try vaginal stretching if they have conditions that cause vaginal tightness, such as vaginismus; vulvodynia; congenital conditions such as a vagina that isn’t fully formed; vaginal atrophy from menopause; or damaged vaginal tissue after childbirth, radiation or an injury. This technique may help reduce or stop discomfort during penetrative sex, fingering and penetrative play with sex toys. Vaginal stretching may also make using tampons easier.

How is vaginal stretching done?

Vaginal stretching usually involves placing an item inside the vagina and leaving it in place for a prolonged period to stretch it out. Vaginal dilators, which are available in a range of sizes, are most commonly used for vaginal stretching. Users start with the smallest dilator and move to progressively larger dilators once they feel comfortable. People may also use dildos and vibrators of different sizes for vaginal stretching. Some people stretch their vaginas using their own fingers or devices used to prepare people for childbirth.

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