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Cowgirl is probably the single most famous ‘girl on top’ sex position there is. Plus, it’s easy to perform. Just check out the picture below. If you have never been ‘on top’ before, the Cowgirl position is a great place to start, and you can easily move to other positions in our sex positions guide from Cowgirl. The great thing about Cowgirl is that you are now the one in control which can be really fun if your man is usually the one on top and calling the shots.

As I said, this is an incredibly easy position to have sex in. Your man just needs to simply lay on his back while you straddle him with your legs either side of his waist so that your knees are on the bed. You can put your hands on his chest, shoulders or the bed to steady yourself or you can just put them on your thighs.

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What The Man Does In The Cowgirl Position

The man doesn’t need to do anything in the Cowgirl position. But to be honest, that’s not what sex is about! While the man is lying on his back, he can simply thrust up and down. Or he can slowly gyrate his hips in a swirling motion to stimulate the wall of your vagina. Or he can try doing both at the same time.

Your man can also put his hands under your bum and help to push you up and down if you are getting tired. He’ll be able to do a little anal fingering, too.

What The Girl Does In The Cowgirl Position

When you are in the Cowgirl position, you are the one in control making simultaneous orgasm easier. You can bounce up and down on your man’s penis or instead, you can move your body forwards and backwards to stimulate your clitoris and the rest of the outside of your vagina. Think of it as grinding against his pubic bone. Or you can try doing both at the same time.

You’ll also find that by leaning forwards or backwards, you can change the angle of entry. If you find that you are leaning back a lot, then make sure to use your hands to help steady yourself.

Things To Consider When Performing The Cowgirl Sex Position

Here are the main things I have observed both personally and from my students when performing the Cowgirl:

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  • A few girls feel quite self-conscious when they first perform the Cowgirl. DON’T WORRY. It’s perfectly natural to be a bit nervous the first few times you try it. To help take the pressure off, try doing it with the lights off. Alternatively, some girls find that leaning in on top of their man towards his face helps to take the pressure off while also being quite intimate at the same time. Read more tips to feel confident while on top.
  • You don’t have to be particularly flexible to perform the Cowgirl. But if you are leaning backwards a lot, then it’s a good idea to be at least a little flexible.
  • Keep adjusting your position by moving your hips backwards and forwards as well as leaning your entire body either backwards or forwards until you find a position that you enjoy.
  • Although your man may not enjoy it that much, a lot of girls I have talked to have said that they really enjoy ‘grinding’  to stimulate their clitoris in this position while their man is still inside them. Many have said that they much prefer this to just bouncing up and down on his cock. He can also place his hand in the “Spock” symbol so that two fingers rest on either side of his cock to provide stimulation.
  • Sometimes your man won’t get much out of this position, which isn’t that big of a deal. Your pleasure is just as important! But do remember that sex is about two people (or more!) having a great time.

Similar Positions

Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse Cowgirl – Turn around and ride him.

Reverse Cowgirl Sex Position Illustration 1

Man Missionary

Man Missionary – You lean down over your man more.

Man Missionary Sex Position Illustration 1

Asian Cowgirl

Asian Cowgirl – Plant your feet on the bed and bend your knees.

Asian Cowgirl Sex Position Illustration 1

Corner Cowgirl

Corner Cowgirl – Try it when he’s at the edge of a bed.

Corner Cowgirl Sex Position Illustration 1
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Sean’s Thoughts On The Cowgirl Position

Personally, I really enjoy the Cowgirl position. I find it fun seeing my girl on top. However, I have noticed that sometimes I’ve been with a girl that doesn’t enjoy it too much which is perfectly normal too (after all, there are some positions that I don’t enjoy!). From talking to the girls I’ve been with that haven’t enjoyed the Cowgirl position, I’ve found that there can be a multitude of reasons as to why they don’t like it.

It can be a confidence issue. It can be the fact that they like to feel submissive during sex and Cowgirl isn’t a particularly submissive position. It can be because they just don’t get much pleasure from Cowgirl when compared to other positions.

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