A sex wedge is a type of nội thất tình dục that acts as a positioning device to improve comfort and positioning during sexual activity. It is typically a firm, wedge-shaped pillow designed to help partners achieve a number of sex positions more comfortably. Sex wedges are generally made of materials that are easy to clean. They come in a variety of shapes and colors.

Một sex wedge may also be known as a sex pillow.

More About Sex Wedge

Sex wedges can be used to improve positioning in sex play and to achieve sexual positions that may otherwise be difficult to maintain comfortably. Wedges are sometimes called love furniture or pillows because of the variety in sizes, materials, and shapes offered for ease of use and discretion.

Liberator wedge sex positioning aidExample of a larger sex wedge (Liberator Ramp) with a smaller sex wedge (Liberator Wedge)

Wedges provide more versatile positioning help than pillows or traditional Nội thất. Sex wedges can also be used when one or both partners may require positioning assistance during sex such as pregnancy hay injury. Sex wedges can also be used for reading and relaxing. Unlike some other types of sex furniture, they are relatively discreet.

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